If you would like to purchase something from our web-shop, please contact us directly at:

Antiquarian Bookstore Tessi
+358 44 709 3000 (Tue-Fri 11-17, Sat 11-15)

We deliver everywhere. We add the actual delivery costs and use standard mail services. Methods of payment are bank transfer or PayPal. 

The web-shop design is unfortunately at the moment only in Finnish language... to help you with the search, on the homepage there are the quick search fields:

Kirja - means the title of the item you are looking for (you can fill this or the author)
Kirjailija - means the author you are looking for (you can fill this or the title)
Kieli - means the language of the publication you are looking for (you may ignore this and get results for all languages)
  -  englanti for English

...then click "HAE" which means search.